Send Private Encrypted SMS / Email with iPhone

SMS Secret Coder lets you encrypt your private SMS & Email with the secure 256 bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

This app is a must for you if you feel that someone is eavesdropping on your SMS / Emails, and / or if you regularly have to send confidential company / personal data via SMS or Email.

Secret SMS Coder allows you to encrypt messages with a password that you send out and only those that have the same password can successfully decrypt and read the messages. The recipient does not have to have Secret SMS Coder installed on their devices.


As mentioned above the application utilizes AES256 encryption, one of the most advanced Symmetric-Key Encryption technology. And it gets integrated with iPhone’s messaging & contact database for quick and easy encryption / decryption of messages

The other person, the recipient of encrypted message, need not to have this app installed on his / her phone. Sent messages are cross-platform compatible, i.e. messages can be decrypted from other email capable devices as well (i.e. other mobile phones, computers, tablets).

Download SMS Secret Coder [$0.99] from iTunes Store