Sing and Search App for iPhone and Android – Sound Hound

You are listening to a song on radio or tv, you are enjoying it and would like to later hear it again. But the problem is you don’t know the actual song name or its artist name. This can really be bad sometimes. But now you can easily find all that info by using Sound Hound.

Sound Hound is a song detection app, which recognizes the playing song and provides its details such as – song title and artist. Song detection technology is not new, we have earlier seen some similar apps. But Sound Hound offers some innovative features and claims to be the fastest. It claims to name the song playing from a speaker in as little as four seconds.

sound hound

It facilitates the worlds only viable singing and humming recognition. And that is its most incredible and [highlight bg=”#fc0″ color=”#000″]exclusive feature – identifying songs you sing or hum.[/highlight] [label style=”warning”]Some more features –[/label] [list style=”arrow”]

  • LiveLyrics (in the U.S. and Canada): see Lyrics in time with the music for music recognition and your iPod songs: you can even double tap a line of lyrics to play it!
  • An included iPad app with beautiful, full-size lyrics and YouTube pages
  • The ultimate SoundHound experience, ad-free with premium features including exclusive Recommended Songs!
  • NEW: Real-time Facebook and Twitter Updates from Artists: tap a band’s name to instantly see its latest social news!
  • Instant Say Search – If you already know the song title or artist, this feature will instantly bring you the desired song.
  • Total iPod Integration – Combine iPod and online music search, see which song you already own.
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[label style=”warning”]Overview Video – A quick tour of SoundHound’s major features –[/label]

Sound Hound is available on multiple mobile platforms – iOS, Android, OVI. It’s a paid app – available at $6.99 at iTunes Store, for Android along with paid ($5 approx.) it also has a free version and for $2 aprox. at OVI.