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7 Best Free Music Streaming Apps for iPhone and Android

For all the music buffs out there, keeping a wide variety of music on your portable device isn’t always possible – the storage space may have been exhausted, you may have ... Continue Reading →

Top 3 Best Scientific Calculator Apps for Android

Default calculator in android is good for basic calculations. But if you would like to solve advance problems you needs a scientific calculator. [heading]1. RealCalc Scientific Calculator[/heading] Android’s ... Continue Reading →

Best Twitter Client Apps for iPhone and iPad

For the best experience of twitter on your iOS device – iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, checkout the following twitter clients. There’s also an official app from twitter which ... Continue Reading →
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Top Free Bollywood Hindi Music Streaming Apps for iPhone and Android

If you love Bollywood hindi music, and would like to listen to the same on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android. We have listed below the top iOS and Android apps which let you ... Continue Reading →

Top 3 Best Siri Alternatives for Android

Whats the most alluring thing about iPhone 4S is its Intelligent Personal Assistant, Siri. No doubt Siri is awesome and ready to assist you all the time. But can we get something similar ... Continue Reading →

Send Multiple SMS Text Messages with Symbian Phone

SMS Bomber also known as SMS Flooder are a type of mobile apps which let you send multiple SMS Text Messages automatically to one / many numbers all at once. pySMS is widely popular ... Continue Reading →

Send Multiple SMS Text Messages all at once with Android

An SMS bomber application (also known as SMS flooder) is a special kind of software designed to automate the sending of SMS text messages to a specific number. With SMS bomber app you ... Continue Reading →

Best Way to Backup iPhone Contacts for Free

Your Smartphone hold a lot of valuable, personal and sensitive information. The most important info that your phone hold is Contact information of your Family, Friends, Colleagues and Acquaintances. ... Continue Reading →

Best Backup Apps for BlackBerry

Your smartphone holds a lot of valuable, personal and sensitive information, including photographs, videos, music and contacts. Therefore, it’s sensible to backup this data whit ... Continue Reading →
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Sing and Search App for iPhone and Android – Sound Hound

You are listening to a song on radio or tv, you are enjoying it and would like to later hear it again. But the problem is you don’t know the actual song name or its artist name. ... Continue Reading →