Top Free Bollywood Hindi Music Streaming Apps for iPhone and Android

If you love Bollywood hindi music, and would like to listen to the same on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android. We have listed below the top iOS and Android apps which let you search and stream your favorite Bollywood hindi tracks on your phone or tablet within seconds.

[heading]1. Dhingana Music [iOS / Android][/heading]

Experience Indian & Bollywood Music on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch for free. Dhingana let you search and stream your favorite Bollywood songs. You can create playlists. Dhingana also list out top playlists and songs in different Genres, as per the user votes. You can listen to songs from different genres like Hindi, Marathi, Pop, Ghazals, Bhajans, Bhangra, Remixes and Punjabi.


Dhingana also is a Radio, which automatically recommends you songs based on the current song you are listening. Just play your favorite song and click the “Radio” button and we will continuously start playing songs for you. Like or Dislike a song to improve the recommendations and personalize your radio.

And many other features. The best thing is that it’s legal. You may listen to as many songs as you want.

[note color=”#ccc”]Dhingana supports multi tasking. You can Play tracks while doing other things with your phone or tablet. Songs will continue to play even when the app is running in the background.[/note] [heading]2. Saavn [iOS / Android][/heading]

Saavn very much like the previous app, it let you Search and play your favorite songs, create and save your own playlists, provides Radio feature, and even let you share and discover music automatically by connecting Saavn to Facebook Timeline.


Saavn features a weekly playlist, which features the top songs which are selected directly by the music experts at Saavn.

The best feature of this app, which I liked the most is the ability to choose audio quality of the songs. It let user to select the best quality as per his / her internet connection speed. and let him / her optimize the listening experience.

[label style=”important”]You may like:[/label] Best Sing and Search Music App for iPhone and Android


It’s not an app, but a website which is very well optimized for the iPad (no info about iPhone. if you could check, please let us know as well in the comments below). features a huge collection of both Indian and non-Indian songs and the new sleek html 5 web interface for iPad which packs in a multitude of music playback, sharing and song discovery features.

gaana ipad let you search music, create playlists, syncs playlist among different devices if logged in and features top music playlists, etc.

Like the other two apps above, also supports background music play, i.e. enabling you to hit Play on a playlist and go back to whatever you were doing, as the music continues to play in the background.

If you know of any other similar app, let us know in the comments below.