Secret SMS Replicator for iPhone

Need to silently record SMS text messages, GPS locations and call info of your child, employee, boy friend or girl friend? you can easily do that with Mobile Spy, a completely stealth monitoring program.

Mobile Spy is the leading spy software for the iPhone. For anyone who wants to monitor text messages, call information and GPS locations of their Apple iPhone in complete stealth, this software does the job. The only requisite is that the phone must have a data plan & an Internet connection so the Mobile Spy software can upload logs to your online account.

It silently record every SMS message, information about every call and GPS positions instantly. It even lets you view all photos and videos taken by the phone, view the screen of the phone. All from within your secured online account.

Important Note: Mobile Spy is currently NOT compatible with Apple’s latest iOS 5.1 operating system at this time. Although you can expect an upgraded compatible version of Mobile Spy very soon.

Note: Your iPhone must be jailbroken prior to installing Mobile Spy. You cannot download or install Mobile Spy if the iPhone is not jailbroken.


Mobile Spy Online User Panel Screenshot

How to get it –

  1. It’s a premium app. Goto Order page to purchase the app.
  2. After the completion of your order, you’ll get an email with your registration code. Use the registration code to create your online account at
  3. The email will also contain a link to download the program. Use the link to download the program onto your phone.
  4. After download, run the installer file on the phone. The software installs into full stealth mode, i.e. no icons or other mentions of the software will be shown on the phone.
  5. Once the software is installed, you are ready to adjust settings.

How to use it –

You can press a certain key sequence on the phone to bring up the Mobile Spy interface. From there you can configure or change various setting of the program.

Refer to instructions contained in the order email to enter the key sequence to bring up the software interface.

After you have started monitoring, it will remain active in the background from that point on.

Now you can login to your online account at mobile spy to check the phone activities anytime.

Mobile Spy is compatible with the other 4 major operating systems as well: BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile, & Symbian.

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