Send Multiple SMS Text Messages all at once with Android

An SMS bomber application (also known as SMS flooder) is a special kind of software designed to automate the sending of SMS text messages to a specific number. With SMS bomber app you can teach a good lesson to your friend or any stranger who spams you with unwanted SMS text messages.

Using SMS bomber you can easily and in no time send multiple SMS text messages to any number. Just mentioned the receivers number or name (you can select from your phonebook), type the message, enter the number of times the message to be sent and the time delay you want between each SMS.


Press the Send button after defining everything. And the app will start sending SMS messages with the defined intervals.

Top Features –

Unlimit number of text, Flood multiple contacts, Cancel button, No delay or periodically send, Remember last config, Easily select contacts, Counter to make sms differently, Add counter to (press menu/Counter) into each text

Download SMS Bomber [Free]

Note: If you have become the target of SMS Bomber, you can use Anti SMS Bomber to protect yourself from repeated message from any sender.